Nanotechnology in space? Do you ever thing about this topic? Yes, nanotechnology will be the future of space traveling. This technology can be introduce to the space ships as lightweight nano solar sails, solar cells and fuels ( new materials or reduce consumption for lower the fuel cost. In 1979, Sir Arthur C. Clarke mentioned about a “space elevator” in his novel, ” The Fountains of Paradise “. So this can be done by using CNT’s. Then the nanorobots and nanosensors, by using that scientists can explore more space in low cost and increase the functions of spaceships, space suits and the equipment.

Nanotechnology in space : Applications Under Development

Scientists are working into the many applications of nanotechnology in space traveling to make it faster, lighter, cheaper, and better.

  • As you know carbon nanotube are the hardest and lightweight material. So it can be introduced to the spaceships for make ships light weight and increase structural strength.
Nanotechnology in space
  • Space elevators can be build by using introducing CNT’s to the cables.
  • Introducing nanolayers to spacesuits, with the help of outer layer suits can be auto repaired if unexpected punctures occur. inner layer can identify the astronauts health and give the medical treatment, as a example if blood clotting occur inner layer can automatically add nanorobots with medicine into the blood stream.
  • Using nanorobots with nanosensors arranged as a network can be perform large area searches like a whole planet.
  • Satellites useful for both defense and civilian purposes. These satellites use thruster rockets to remain in or change their orbits due to a variety of factors including the influence of gravitational forces. In fact, more than one-third of the fuel carried by the satellites is wasted by these thrusters due to incomplete and inefficient combustion of the fuel such as hydrazine. Because of that onboard igniters wear out quickly and unable to perform effectively. Nanocrystalline like tungsten, titanium diboride, copper-composite, are some nanomaterials that increase these igniters’ life and performance.
  • In space traveling, another concept is solar sails. Yes, those are the sails that powered by the help of solar light. So introducing lightweight solar sails it’s become cheaper and light weight.
  • Nanosensors can be used to monitor chemicals in spaceship and handle the life-support system.


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